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A selection of peace & earth charms for children's charm bracelets and necklaces

Pink Daisy Charm
She might get lost staring at this Pink Daisy, it's got sparkle for days!
Love Earth Charm
For the CHARM IT! girl who's both down to Earth and up on the times!
Sun Smile Charm
Your CHARM IT! girl is little ray of Sunshine!
Palm Tree Charm
The perfect charm for your little one with lots of love to share!
Snowflake Charm
There are sparkles galore with this amazing Snowflake!
Angel Charm
Angel Charm - Guarding each CHARM IT! girl is a beautiful 3-dimensional angel!
Rainbow Peace Sign Charm
Spread the word and look stunning doing it!
Flower Smile Charm
Her smile will light up the room when she sees this Flower Smile charm!
Groovy Flower Charm
Your CHARM IT! girl will chill with this Groovy Flower charm!
Happy World Charm
A Happy World for a happy girl!