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A selection of sweets charms for children's charm bracelets and necklaces

Gumball Machine Charm
These gumballs really move and make her bracelet really pop!
Ice Cream Cone Charm
Three scoops means three times the screams!
New Gumball Machine Charm
She'll be shaking these sparkling rainbow gumballs all over town!
Popcorn Charm
This Popcorn charm is a full serving of stunning with sparkles to boot!
Cupcake Charm
The sparkling stones make this cupcake treat positively perfect!
Chocolate Bar Charm
Pardon the bite, this Chocolate Bar is too hard to resist!
Donut Charm
Your CHARM IT! girl will love the extra sprinkling of sparkle on the donut charm!
Hot Cocoa Charm
This adorable Hot Cocoa is sure to keep her warm through the winter and beyond!
Candy Charm
This wrapper's rainbow finish and polka-dots make it a real sweet treat!
Heart Cup Cake Charm
From CHARM IT! with love, a sweet to share with you and yours!